Friday, August 20, 2010

Step Up 3

This is one hell of a movie that I'm looking foward to,It's bout this gang of New York City street dancers teaming up with some ballet dancers and they went for this competition and met up higher stake street dancers,they have to prove their skills in it to win the championship. 

Just so much expectation for it,cant wait for it to be screening out soon on the 26th of August 2010 in Malaysia.

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25 August 2010


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1. What do you think about Malaysian dancers?

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new blog

that's my new blog guys,but it's limited to certain ppl. Whoever who wants to have a view or access to it,put your email address below or approach me via fb or msn =)


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Blog Soon

To my frens,I might be opening up a new blog soon cause of this blog being too much of a publicity and my new blog most probably will be a private one. So,will let you guys know when i'm done with that new one.

STay tune,

cheers =)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Da Lian,China story by an AIESECer

I been back from Da Lian China from my 6 weeks AIESEC internship for like nearly 2 weeks already and i always been wondering,have i learned enough or did enough for the society there yet?Infact i did learn alot of things i wouldnt expect or i could probably learn here in malaysia.

In China, i seriously did learned to be much more independent that i would have in Malaysia. There is where i have my family and friends to back me up always if i get into any trouble.But china no,I have to take care of whatever i do,what action i take and every step i take means i'm actually acting as a Malaysian,in a sense a Malaysia's ambassador. So that's part of my responsibility too to bring myself well wherever i go and not to put Malaysia to a shame position.

Talking bout responsibility,i remembered how i planned for the HIV/AIDS slides for primary school kids who age ranging from 9-12 years old. I had 2 other interns in my team as well but they're not working as hard as I'm for the classes and somehow 1 of the classes is conducted badly and i do feel bad for that so i told my team i'll help them to finish up and refurnished the whole thing and make it good and the next class was conducted awesomely. I'm not trying to stress how good i'm but in fact i'm trying to say i somehow feel responsible for teaching kids the wrong information and they would probably goes back home and tell their parents bout it and it keep going on spreading wrong information that way and the chain keeps going on.

Somehow i learned to be thick skin or some of you call it bravery. I usually dont like to voice out much in a public but i did alot in China,maybe in Malaysia people been acting like a porcupine and shrink to it sharp pokey ball to protect itself. E.g: If i found some classes or information bout HIV/AIDS is spread wrongly i'll approach and tell them the right thing.

These are the things that lots of people or even i wouldn't do in Malaysia like i used to be,because all of us trying to protect ourself and concern if people will look at us with some weird eye stare for trying to being stand out.

I would give my sincere thanks to Catherine Mak for sharing her times in China which somehow inspired me and Yi Hong for insisting keep promoting his exchange to me,if he doesn't,i wouldn't even have a chance like this life changing experience. And thanks to the OGX team for helping me sort out all kinds of problems i had before leaving to China.

Some of the stuff might sounds nice or awesome when u heard stories bout how people enjoy,experience some life changing moments of their's,

But how true is that?
it's up to u to find out =)

written by,
Jeff,U Song

Friday, December 4, 2009

check it out.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Da Lian,China – day 4 (25/11)

Couldn’t really sleep well last night, my skin is itching pretty much and start getting red spots, but it wasn’t any big deal to me, just apply a lil medicine and the cold air here just ease off the itchiness.

Woke up at 8am,ate my breakfast, got dressed up and goes off with the home stay uncle to settle some china staying permission or something, but it’s a lil troublesome and things cant be done somehow so he’s still trying to find ways for me to register it via the official and legal manner, cause my passport is counted as tourist passport but the truth is I’m not, I’m an foreign intern who came over China to work with NGO to spread awareness bout HIV/AIDS and educate the public there how serious is it in China.

Bleh I don’t wanna mumble too much bout it cuz it’s pointless, all I could do now is just to wait and trust AIESEC in DUT would be able to settle this for me cause it’s out of my own power and jurisdiction to do anything.

Anyway at last I meet up with Yu Han/Zoe from DUT. She’s the gurl who I made an interview with her when she’s trying to come Malaysia for our project based internship but somehow she failed due to her CV being not as good as the others, I personally felt a lil bad that she fails, but meh she’s a real real real nice gurl, she looks really fair too, her skin is so white a smooth >.<>.< after that we went jalan-jalan inside a shopping mall called Olympic Square ( in china they don’t says mall, they use the word ‘square’ quite a lot) stuff there was pretty expensive that Brandon wanted to get a better winter coat but it coat loads that our jaw dropped, cost nearly 3k RMB(ren ming bi – china’s currency) which is the max cash I brought there x.x

Then we went for a movie which is the 1st twilight movie which had showed in Malaysia like a year ago ?? =.= pretty lame, Brandon slept in the cinema cuz he don’t understand a shit they say cuz it’s Chinese and he’s a ‘banana’ hahaha..kesian him a lil but he says it’s fine. Came out and we makan Mc Donalds there, and as we all were told in Malaysia, they’ve pork burger!!! It’s like a must eat thing for Malaysian that goes China :P pretty nice,I like it quite a lot..and you know what,they’ve this chocolate flavour pie too,wth,damm jelat,cant really finish makan it after the burger. And I heard they’ve lagi lagi banyak other pies….

Kesimpulan, I luv China!! And for sure,I love Malaysia too, miss you guys,and I’ll try to get online whenever I had the chance k?i promised,till then,Ja-ne

This is Zoe, My Wednesday,25th November Tour Guide for a day =)

This is Brandon with his freezing hand in Zoe’s glove,we gotta go to Zoe’s dorm so she could get Brandon an extra sweater and the pair of darn cute glove ^^

that’s our uber big popcorn for movie.

Last but not least,a photo of the symbol of Olympic Malls outside the street.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm safe in China now!!!

Weather here is fine,when i got drop from Beijing aiport at 6.30am,was frezzing cold that i even feel cold with long john. Another flight plane from Beijing to Da Lian at 8am,reached around 10am and had a bunch of people doing reception for me,quite a warm welcome.I think it was 2 degress when i landed at Da Lian if i'm not wrong. Pretty nice weather actually,i like it.

Then they assign me a trainee buddy,she's being real nice to me,bought me to my homestay family.staying in an outskirt area in Da Lian.The family taking me is being really nice,there's a couple bout 30 or so with their 15 years old kid..the Dad was so worried if he cant communicate with me and he's really happy that i can speak mandarin,haha..they give me a big room to sleep but i got to share it with a 16 years old tortoise here,haha..I will put on a pic next time cause i'm using their pc,mum's laptop cant be used cause the their socket isnt the same as ours in malaysia so i gotta find a way to settle that before using the com again.

After droppping me at the home stay family place,she bought me to 1 of the AIESEC conference they are having that day and they're being so nice for letting me be judge for 1 of the session xD
Anyway i'm really really tired right now,so i think i'm going offline and bed soon,had a long long day,tho a lil tired but worth all it.. Goodnight for now =)